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Every one of our customers are different from their allotted budgets to their personal styles. Despite these differences, nonetheless, they share a common trait – the passion for collecting, wearing and even flaunting their faux designer bags. We then wondered what types of buyers purchase what type of bags, thanks to our natural curiosity. We then decided to collect information about our customers’ top preferences in our wide range of handbags.

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The Top Five Bestselling Bags in the United States Today

From the most expensive bags to the Sac de Jour faux bags
We included three world-famous brands in our list, namely, Goyard, Saint Laurent, and Hermes. Two of the brands have two bags that our American customers love. Let’s take a look right now.

5. The Saint Laurent Cassandre Shoulder Bag

The YSL Cassandre is a highly popular replica designer bag on our list for many reasons. Yes, it appears to have a simple design yet in its simplicity lies the chic sophistication that characterize each YSL bag – and any bag on the Purse Blog, for that matter. You will also observe that our replica bag is a mirror image – or to put it into other words, 100% identical in appearance – of the original YSL Cassandre bag. Every fashionista who knows her bags know that the Cassandre is a must-have bag that will add simple yet stylish sophistication to almost any outfit! No matter your clothes and shoes pairing, you will not appear like a plain Jane because the Cassandre bag on your shoulder will make you stand out from the rest.

4. The Hermes Evelyne Shoulder Bag

Yet another highly popular choice among our buyers in the United States is the Hermes Evelyne replica shoulder bag, a tan bag that lends itself well to mixing and matching with many ensembles. The Evelyne may not be as world-famous as other Hermes bag but it doesn’t take away from its beautiful design and practical function. Like most Hermes bags, the Evelyne’s design and construction follows the same Hermes rules – keep it classic, keep it simple, and keep it classy. The bag also has an elastic strap for comfort when using it.

3. The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

Our customers also consider the YSL Sac de Jour as a must-have bag, thus, making it a bestseller bag. This is a classic bag with the right contemporary touches, thus, making it a versatile bag that can be worn by women of any age and style. Plus, its elegant appearance means that it will stay in style for many years to come. The bag comes in several sizes – nano, baby, small and large – but our customers’ favorite seems to be the large bag for good reasons, such as the opportunity to put in as many things as possible. This is a structured bag reminiscent of the Hermes Birkin but with a more casual appeal without losing its elegant vibe.

2. The Goyard St Louis Tote

Goyard isn’t as known in the mainstream market as YSL and Hermes but therein lies it beauty – you have the assurance that your Goyard replica bag will stand out because there’s too few of them in the room! But for the fashionista who really knows her brand, the Goyard St. Louis replica tote is a must-have accessory – and apparently most of her family and friends agree, thus, making it the second most popular bag on our list. Did you know that Goyard is among the oldest fashion companies in the world? It traces its roots to 1853 and, today, supplies the canvas used in bags designed by Karl Lagerfled and bags used by the Duchess of Windsor. The unparalleled level of craftsmanship is also reflected on our replica Goyard bags.

1. The Hermes Birkin Bag

Who doesn’t know the Hermes Birkin? Only a person who has been living under a rock probably don’t know! Our bestselling product is then a black Hermes Birkin replica designer handbag. The Birkin represents the crème de la crème of must-have designer bags with everybody who’s somebody owning it – Victoria Beckham, among others. TOK7iBA8
 The authentic Birkins are so expensive, not to mention the long waiting times, but we remedied it by offering our customers an affordable option. We ensured that our replica Birkin bag is a mirror image of its original counterpart, too.

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